The Art of Letting Go

Do you ever feel stuck in the same old repeating pattern of self-hating behavior? 

You know the kind; you overeat when you're emotionally stressed out, even though you know it'll make you feel sick and bloated and you'll be back to square one with trying to lose those last five pounds?

Something's feeding that behavior. Often, it's some deeply buried emotional trauma or scar that you can't stand to look at, let alone touch. 

Problem is, you've gotta not only look at it, but you're going to have to poke and prod at it to find any kind of healing and resolution. Sometimes, you can work them out on your own. Others, you really need a trained psychologist, psychiatrist or counselor to fully heal.

I feel your pain. I'm dealing with my own. Heck, we're *all* dealing with our own struggles.

Mine happens to be my weight. I've been locked in a battle with my own body for decades, trying to manage my ever-expanding mass. It seems like every year sees another five to ten pounds residing with me, until I'm now faced with the looming specters of diabetes and high blood pressure. 

sage wolfsong time to let go

I've spent time wringing my hands, stressing out about this. But as with all things, those responses don't accomplish anything at all. I can sit and worry, spend all day reading what I can do to fix this... 

Or, I can get off my chair, and do something about it.

I have the support of my family to make some serious lifestyle changes, starting now. It's time to let go of all the issues I've been clinging to, making me more and more unhealthy with every passing year. As Home Depot puts it, "It's time to stop dreaming and start doing."

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