Weekly Wisdom: The Moon

Jennifer Bradshaw

In all the revamping of the SWC blog in the last couple weeks, I've discontinued some of my regular article strings, and decided to do a weekly featured Tarot Card. This week, The Moon of the major arcana came up for me. This card tends to speak to me of changes and phases... so let's dive in!

I'm using Jennifer Galasso's Crystal Visions Tarot (affiliate link, which means that I get a small commission from Amazon of any purchase made though the link, without any additional cost to the buyer. Thank you for supporting SWC in this way), and this card is absolutely gorgeous. 

Weekly wisdom 6-16-17 The Moon

The Moon, and the small grouping of butterflies spattered on the card, speaks to me of Feminine magick, of the phases and stages of a woman's life, and of changes that happen deep under the surface of our exterior lives, subtly transforming us into something, not quite new, but not the same as we were before. With the beautiful but dark background, and the Moon in all her phases arcing above the central female figure on this card, feminine mystery is spoken of clearly. Goddess is represented by the triple moon head on the woman's staff.

I love the irony in this card, with the twin wolves that appear to be howling up to the central female figure. Wolves have long been my primary totem animal (hence the name Sage Wolfsong, but that's a story for another day), and their haunting call pulls my heart and mind into other realms every time. They are pack animals, and as a totem, they speak of loyalty, courage, intelligence and strength. Their presence on this particular card, on this particular day, seems to be speaking of using instinct and speaking personal truths to honor that Divine Feminine force within.

As you ponder this card for yourself, what changes are you facing? Which are you fighting, even though you know that those changes are right for you? Are you speaking your truth and honoring the Divine Feminine within yourself? Or are you running yourself into the ground trying to make others happy?

Changes can be outwardly visible or hidden deep within the Otherworld of our emotions and intuition. As we enter the weekend, consider where you might be in need of cocooning yourself, giving yourself safe space to metamorphose into the creature you are subtly becoming.


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