The Need to Be Heard

I'm a writer. It's what I do.

I don't have a 9-to-5 J.O.B. anymore. I've traded that in for a life of pain and illness that's debilitating, and I've replaced the purpose that came from the 9-to-5 with homeschooling my daughter and throwing myself into a creative life of crafting and writing.

I do the social media thing to promote my work, but I've been noticing something, now that this is part of my life.

There are so many new authors out there.It's kind of overwhelming. Digital publishing has opened up a whole new world for authors, and it's awesome and a bit terrifying for someone wanting to be a published author. That's a ton of competition.

So, I got to thinking. Why are there so many new authors out there? Why are so many people wanting to write, to get published, to have their story heard?

I think the last part of that question is the key. We want to feel like we're heard.

In an age where we are constantly bombarded with media messages, Tweets, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, we spend less and less time actually listening to each other. It's like trying to hold a quiet conversation in a football stadium during the Superbowl. Does anyone actually hear what you have to say?

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So, more and more of us are gravitating toward a need to break out, break away, and be heard. Holding your published book in your hands is validation: Someone actually thought what I had to say was important enough to put it in print...

Let that one sink in for a moment. Does it ring true for you? Something about it resonates with me; and it's propelling me forward in my storytelling.

Actually getting that work out, getting the words on paper, that's a huge thing. And I've let go of the need for this to be a best seller. It simply is what it is. My voice, my thoughts, sent out into the Universe for those that are looking for just that sort of story.

*This post originally appeared on one of my old blogs, on Oct. 18, 2016. I will be moving the blog posts over there to sagewolfsong.com gradually. *

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