Weekly Wisdom: Water Dragon

If I had to point to one thing I have learned as a coach and as a home-schooling mom, it is this:

As a teacher, you must be prepared to learn as you teach. Today's blog is one of those moments, as I sit here, contemplating the Water Dragon card from the Druid Animal Oracle. (Affiliate link - You can read more about how I use these over on my About page, here) There are certain lessons even I run from; wrestling with the Water Dragons in my life is one lesson I have to admit I don't surrender to easily.

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Water Dragon represents all those battles in our mind that we struggle with. Like sea monsters of legend, our negative thoughts, fears and daydreams lurk in the shadows, wrap themselves around the rigging of our thoughts and threaten to pull us under to drawn in the overwhelming current.

Every dragon has a weakness, however. Even if the thought doesn't need to be slain (remember that discomfort should never be ignored or painted over with false positivity), many can be simply, if not easily, dealt with using a different perspective.

As i mentioned early, this is the uncomfortable lesson I am currently sitting with. Certain situations in my life are shifting in large, uncomfortable ways. Parts of me are resisting the changes, and the tidal waves of "what ifs" threaten to drown out the possibilities for good things to come.

New, I can surrender to that dragon and slip into panic and despair. That is certainly a fair and valid choice. (But it most certainly isn't the better deal!)

Or, I can face the sea monster head on.

This would be a far more difficult choice, of course, but it yeilds lessons and rewards of its own. It doesn't alter the outcome, or the difficulty, to break down the what-ifs and consider the best and worst case sides of each. It does give me a safe place to think about how I choose to respond to each possible outcome, without the pressure of the immediate situation.

That puts me back in control of my thoughts, as I face each, then release them into the ether, confident that no matter what happens, I can deal with it.

Dragon tamed. Or in some cases, slain.

What dragons are lurking in your deepest thoughts? Can you face them with courage and let them go? Or are they pulling you into the murky depths of overthinking?

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