Weekly Wisdom: Artemis and Seal

This week, I had two decks that wanted me to work with them for today's blog post. I used my Goddess Guidance deck as well as my Druid Animal Oracle deck (affiliate links - When you order through these links, I receive a small percentage of the total sale, at no additional cost to you. You can read more on my "About" page).

Artemis the Guardian

Artemis oracle card graphic

The image on this card shows the Moon goddess with bow drawn, arrow set for flight as she takes aim at some unseen target. The sun is slowly sinking in the background, lighting the sky on fire in its whites, oranges and yellows. A doe stands on a rocky outcropping in the back, silhouetted by Artemis's campfire. The goddess of the hunt, the moon, women, and children is dressed, not for hunting, but in long skirts, speaking of her relaxed mood at this moment. Light glints off a river far below her, speaking of the flow of the mind, emotions, and life. Her message on the card is, "You and your loved ones are safe and spiritually protected."

Spring has faded into summer here in the Northern hemisphere, and the days are long (especially here on the northwest coast, where our days reach well into the 12-hour range around Solstice). Summer is a time of growth, which can be both scary and exhilarating as we face new challenges. For those in the Southern Hemisphere, who have passed fully into winter now, this is a time of resting and letting the mind and heart rest fallow to prepare for the fertility of spring. Artemis tells us that we can face the obstacles we perceive without fear, because we are, at all times, safe and protected, even when it seems that we are most vulnerable. 


Seal oracle card graphic

This grey seal has just emerged from the depths of the sea, a storm seems to be passing in the distance with its dark clouds setting sharp contrast to the colorful rainbow lighting the sky on one side. While the ocean is deep and forbidding at times, it still holds a wealth of nourishment in terms of both animals and plants. Seals walk "between worlds" as it were, hunting and playing in the depths and coming onto land to breed, rest and nurture their young. Seals also play a part in a number of cultural myth cycles; both the ancient Celts and some of the ancient North American indigenous peoples have stories of seal women who come onto the land, remove their seal skins and are human for a time. These stories often tell of a man stealing the seal-woman's skin and holding her against her will for a time before she can steal back her skin and return to the depths where she is most at home.

Take a few moments this week to notice where you are "playing" in the depths of your emotional and mental world. Are you taking time to come ashore, settling into the physical realm for a time each day to rest and nurture both yourself and those around you? Is there some part of you that you are holding hostage, keeping yourself from wearing your true skin and being who you really are to please others? 

When I look at these two cards side-by-side, they seem to carry the message that it is time to wear our true skins, to step out as the sacred Feminine beings that we truly are, because we are safe, protected, and most of all, loved. 

If this reading spoke to your soul, heart or even your mind, I'd love to hear about it below in the comments. Or, pop into my Facebook page, and leave me some feedback. I'd love to hear from you!

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