Weekly Wisdom: Brigit

Brigit, Celtic goddess of poetry, blacksmiths and hearth-fires. She bestows her blessings during the season of Imbolc, when fields are being readied for planting.

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It is in this spirit of readiness and fertility that Brigit comes to us in this week's oracle reading from the Goddess Guidance oracle deck by Doreen Virtue. (affiliate link - Learn more about how I use these on my About page by clicking here.)

The past few weeks, we've been talking about releasing what does not serve us any longer. The idea is to make space for what is good and nurturing for you as a unique creature. You are preparing the soil of your soul, getting ready to plant the seeds of your desires.I remember the first time I posted on social media that I was making a decision to live life on my own terms; that I was choosing to live for me and no one else.

See, I had been diagnosed not long before with Fibromyalgia, a miserable collection of medical conditions that include constant, severe pain, depression, anxiety, severe fatigue and frequent migraines. Life with Fibromyalgia is tedious at best. I had spent months trying to feel like I still had control over my life. I'd only just gotten to a point that allowed me to see some positive in my situation. (Yes, it sucks. But at least it won't kill me.) This decision to live for me, to give myself permission to define my own life... It was about reclaiming my own identity.

And for the first time in my life, I refused to back down in the face of harsh criticism. That choice, to refuse to back down or compromise, was so empowering. It fueled a host of other choices and actions that came in the following years that have led me to who I am today.

As you begin to clear negative influences from your life and live on your terms, work towards your goals, you will meet resistance and criticism. Remember to stand up for your beliefs, and don't back down in the face of critics. Living on your terms and making sure you nurture yourself allows you to be a better partner, parent, employee, creative... In short, meeting your own needs allows you to better meet the needs of those who depend on you.

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