Weekly Wisdom: Butterfly Maiden

"You are experiencing enormous change right now, which brings great blessings."


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Transition can be difficult and painful. We all endure many, many periods of transition in our lives, and we survive the vast majority of them.

What transition are you in the middle of? Like the caterpillar, sometimes the change is simply nourishing your soul for growth. This can be a peaceful time, or it might be a flurry of activity that leaves you aching, breathless and desperate for retreat.

Sometimes, a transition requires retreat, like the caterpillar in her cocoon, hiding away from the world as her old self dissolves and reforms into something more.

The time of retreat ends, and you struggle back into the world, because staying in that old shell became too painful. During this struggle, others may be tempted to "help." Avoid this. Ask well-meaning friends and lovers to bear witness, to be a sounding board, to hold space for you. But you must stretch and try your new wings on your own. It is only through work that you will grow strong and be able to return to your life, and float above your old way of being.

This week's oracle card wisdom comes from the Goddess Guidance Oracle deck by Doreen Virtue. (affiliate link. You can learn more about these on my "About" page, here).

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