Weekly Wisdom: Eagle Oracle

Eagle is seen as a majestic, apex predator that soars high above the land.

He brings us this message:

You've become sucked into the daily drama of life. Have you lost sight of the bigger picture? Eagles not only soar far above the land, they also nest in high places. Shift your focus. Se the larger picture, where you can sight that which you desire before you dive for it. From that distance, you are well above the unnecessary dramas of others; only get involved if you absolutely must.

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Grasp only that which serves your highest priorities and values. Work only with those things that make you feel whole and at peace - Big Picture. Remember?

Let go of that which does not nourish you. Hold tight to that which does. Muster all the power, grace and keen skill within you and soar.

Today's blog comes from the Druid Animal Oracle. (Affiliate link - You can read more about how I use these over on my About page, here

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