Weekly Wisdom: Eireen

This week, we build on last week's theme of transition and transformation...

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Transitions may be difficult, and they may not always be voluntary. In the midst of struggle, take time to rest, knowing that a higher plan is at work.

Struggle can be useful and either prompt change or be a part of change. It is often necessary for growth to happen, just as your muscles do not grow stronger without being challenged. So, too, will this struggle make you stronger.

Struggle can also be futile, and a sign that something, somewhere in your life, needs to change. Look closely at where the struggle hurts, and decide for yourself what must change so that you can move forward.

Focus on the end result, rather than the pain, or the loss of what you must leave behind. What you are struggling towards is bigger than the hurt, is better than what is in the past. There is peace and abundance flowing towards you, if you will just look for it.

This week's oracle card wisdom comes from the Goddess Guidance Oracle deck by Doreen Virtue. (affiliate link. You can learn more about these on my "About" page, here).

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