Weekly Wisdom - High Priestess

As we flow through the end of this week, the Divine calls to us through the High Priestess card. For this reading, I used Jennifer Galasso's Crystal Visions Tarot deck (affiliate link - Please see my "About" page for more information).

weekly wisdom high priestess from Jennifer Galasso's Crystal Visions Tarot

High Priestess calls us toward the Divine Feminine with the following message: "Find your connection to Source. Accept that life is all about change. The You that greeted today is not the same You that walked through yesterday. Do not fear letting go of what no longer serves you; this allows space for that which does serve you now, or will serve you in the near future to flow into your life."

High Priestess is all about ruling change, phases, Divine Feminine and Goddess power. She helps us find a sense of calm and deeper meaning, wisdom, and knowledge and represents intuition, mystery, the unconscious, and divine realms.

Where in your life are you experiencing change? What could you let go of to make room for new abundance within your experience? Are you feeling blocked and uncertain anywhere in your life? Take Priestess's invitation to explore and release to invite the next phase of your experience and change into your life.

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