Weekly Wisdom: Owl

I would like to note, before I begin this week's oracle reading, that Water Dragon came up for me first. However, since I just did a reading for it a few weeks ago, I opted to pull another card, and link to Water Dragon here, for whomever, might need that particular wisdom today.

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Owl floats in the deepest night, seeing what others do not, acting and seeking opportunity while others sleep. He is stealthy and follows his instincts and unique sight towards what he needs. 

Quiet and solitary, Owl moves under cover of darkness, while other hunters sleep, to find his prey. He will stay close to a partner while raising a brood, working with her to meet the family's needs.

Where do you need to move quietly and depend on your intuition and instincts to act while others rest? Where do you need to partner with another to see a dream become a reality?

As a little extra...

SJ Tucker's song "Were Owl" happened to come up while I was working with Owl for this blog post. 

Today's blog comes from the Druid Animal Oracle. (Affiliate link - You can read more about how I use these over on my About page, here

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