Weekly Wisdom: Three of Cups

As we flow into the new moon this weekend, we are looking at setting new intentions and celebrating what has manifested for us.

For this week's card, I again used Jennifer Galasso's Crystal Visions Tarot (affiliate link: You can read more about how I use these on my About page).

Three of Cups speaks to us of celebrations and friendships, of manifesting our desires and harvesting the fruits of our labor. Good can rise out of the murky depths of struggle.

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"Celebrate what is coming to you. Dive deep into the current of Source energy and allow yourself to really feel what it will be like when what you intend to manifest comes into your life. Perhaps you are waiting for the right life partner. Perhaps it is a job or financial security and freedom that you are waiting on. Allow yourself to be grateful now for that thing; welcome it with open arms. Celebrate its arrival, even if it still feels far off. Watch closely for the signs that what you are asking the universe to provide is coming to you in its own perfect timing."

I've been playing a bit with gratitude as it relates to the Law of Attraction the past few weeks. What I've discovered is this: When I express gratitude for those things that I am waiting for, that have not arrived yet, those things begin to trickle into my life (or sometimes, just come barreling at me with amazing speed). I have developed a practice that includes listing positive outcomes for the day, gratitude for what I have and what I want in my life, and affirmations that counter the negative self-talk I've experienced throughout the day. To say that this simple, 15 minute practice has had a profound effect on my life would be an understatement.

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