Weekly Wisdom: Two of Cups

As you travel through life, choose carefully whom you have in your closest, most intimate circles. Distinguish friends from acquaintances. Distinguish love from lust. Distinguish lover from user.

sage wolfsong weekly wisdom oracle two of cups

Relationships, in their highest form, are about mutual fulfillment, love (not always romantic), trust and healthy support. In their lowest form, relationships become about selfish needs, criticism, blame, guilt, shame and self.

Build high-level relationships with a few, well-chosen individuals. These take work and time. These are the people you drop everything for.

In other relationship, be a higher form friend. Be supportive, kind and compassionate. Trust wisely; not everyone is worthy of your trust. Offer constructive advice and feedback only when appropriate and asked.

You may find that some relationships are toxic. Walk away if you can. Limit your interactions with those you cannot free yourself from.

The card that we explore in today's post comes from Jennifer Galasso's Crystal Visions Tarot deck. (affiliate link. Check out my About page here for more information)

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