What's Your Creative Genius?

You're a creative genius. You just don't know it yet.

Or maybe you do. (if you do, let's celebrate together, truly!)

I don't know about you, but I go into Pinterest or Facebook, and I see a TON of awesome, handmade, DIY projects and I sit back and think, Damn, wish I could do that. But I know that if I were to try, it wouldn't come out looking that good. No, it'd come out looking like...

Well, we won't say what it would come out looking like; but rest assured that it wouldn't look like that.

And I despair, because I wish I could make something that looks that good.

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And then I go to the grocery store, my little crocheted shopping bag in hand, do my shopping, and get to the checkstand. And the lady behind me, and the cashier start chatting about how much they love my little crocheted bag.

I don't make these bags with any patterns, I just go for it. I often end up ripping out half the bag and redoing it because I don't like how it looks. But the finished product is awesome.

And they last forever. The one I made for us, is going on 5 years old, and it gets used several times a week for library books, groceries, mail... has even made a couple trips to the beach in the last couple years. Dirty? Just toss it in the washing machine.

I may not be able to paint gorgeous roses on fingernails, or paint fabulous little sheep on a pillow, or make cinnamon roll waffles, but damn. I can crochet a really freaking awesome shopping bag.

And I bet... that there is something that only you can make, that's really freaking awesome, too! Even if it's just the world's best tuna casserole that you toss together and take to that potluck at the crafters' group meeting on Tuesdays.

After all. You're a creative genius. Yes, you are. So acknowledge that, then
go be awesome!

*Update: The bag in the photo is the one referenced in this post. It was made with the same love and care that goes into all my crocheted totes for sale here in the store. This summer, we were saddened to see that it is finally starting to fray in a few places - after SEVEN years of almost daily use - and it's still going strong, despite the small frays we've discovered. I've improved my technique and have added extra supporting stitches in the places that take the most stress, by watching where this bag wore the hardest. Each bag in the shop is unique, as I still don't use any patterns. With the holidays coming, these bags make excellent, long-lasting gifts.*

*This post originally appeared on one of my old blogs, on Oct 5, 2016. I will be moving the blog posts over there to sagewolfsong.com gradually.*

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