Who Is Telling Your Story?

Jennifer Bradshaw

Writing a book, whether it's inspired or something that I've carefully planned out, is an immense undertaking, and an even bigger accomplishment.

To date, I've finished three manuscripts, which are all hovering in various states of editing and revision. Those three are all in various sub-genres of romance, but none are the same sub-genre.

They aren't even the same lengths! One is over 500 pages, another, barely 200 pages, and the third falls somewhere in between.

The heroes and heroines in all of those books are wildly different, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and special "powers." The settings and time periods are all vastly different, as well.

They are, however, all the story of my life to some degree: The wounded woman struggling to find her own independence and voice, the young woman struggling with a forbidden love as she matures into her own Self, and the woman resisting her own Intuition and Divine feminine.

Everyone has a story inside them. Whether you tell it as an outright autobiography or weave threads of it into works of fiction, even if you never share it with anyone else...

You're still telling your story.

Here's the kicker:

You also get to write the ending. 

Choose how your story is told.

Nope. Most of us won't have the fore-knowledge of when and how we die, but we do have a lot of say in the legacy we leave behind to those whose lives we've touched.

So, tell me, dear reader: What story is sitting inside you, waiting to be told? 

Will you be rich and famous?

Will you touch millions of lives?

Will you "simply" be a mother, wife, teacher, father, husband... friend?

Who is the main character in your story? [Hint: You are the main character, but before you can tell his or her story, you must understand your character, inside and out.]

Decide today what story you want to tell from this moment forward. And then, darling one, go out and live it.

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