3 Courses That Are Life Changing

Jennifer Bradshaw

I wear a lot of hats.

Homeschooling mom, blogger, intuitive empath, Reiki practitioner, author, wife, friend, daughter, energy worker and healer (I won't even begin to claim that's an inclusive list, okay?).

So, while slogging through an online summit, called Awaken the Healer Within, I met this lovely lady by the name of Emily McGee over at MyAdaptableCareer.com, where she is all about time management for bloggers (oh, and there's this whole angle about monetizing your blog, so... bonus!).

Her freebie for the summit was a 5-day time management crash course, that works for anybody. Basic, simple and fast things you can do to clean up  your day and be productive. And at the end of the day, whether you're a blogger or a CEO, we all need to be productive.

I got a lot out of that course, and I'm getting stuff done. Thank you Pomodoro Method! 

3 quick and dirty courses to help you declutter and get on track

The best part, though? The little follow on courses that I've received and am in the middle of. No More Distractions and Organized Digital Life came on the heels of that 5-day course, and I'm clearing out my digital clutter and streamlining my day even more. These little mini courses take just a few minutes each day (even on the "big" days where you're deleting hundreds of files)., and have you digging into the dirty, nitty-gritty of your clutter. Just 3 days into the ODL course, I'm down 98 files, 300 documents and a couple thousand emails. The NMD course has me cleaning out my social media lists and streamlining that on day 2.

So, how can you get on Emily's mailing list and check out her offerings? Head over to her website here and sign up at the bottom of the page, or click here for her Master Time Management offer and sign up there to get the freebie. And then let yourself enjoy the cleaner, smoother flow of your day.

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