The Theater of Nok-Mondu

A Science-Fiction Fantasy Anthology

5 out of 5 stars: “Straddles the lines of

fantastic wonder and the prospect of future science.” -Amazon Reviewer


“…I highly recommend this for anyone who loves

fantasy, science fiction, or, even better, both.” -Amazon Review

Nissa Jahaan lives in a world where Mondu-archeologists barter Mondu-artifacts for masks to live for a day in Nok-Mondu’s realm as someone or something else.

Each mask Nissa wears beneath the ocean’s crust brings her one step closer to freeing her parents from life as Mondu-archeologists and risking imprisonment as a phantom in a virtual world forever.

Will Nissa remain as the distracted Kristine Azborn? Will she forever solve murders as the winged Alessa Rainer, or as the legally blind Desoto Tengu? Perhaps she will ride the memories of war as Rahvin the dragon, or seek a place of refuge as Clarion the ooze. A dying shaman, seeking her sickness’ cure, faces science’s twisted horrors, and Erin fights shadows in space. Without a name and lingering in a maze, or transformed into Alejandra the mermaid, Nissa might not want to escape Nok-Mondu’s realm if she falls in love.

What People Are Saying About The Theater of Nok-Mondu

TToNM is surely a book unlike any other.

The collection of stories in this book goes beyond the norm and how they are put together is masterful, to say the least. Unfortunately, like many multiple-author anthologies, you will probably not like every story told, which is the only reason I give 4 stars not 5. But just because I don’t like a particular story doesn’t mean you won’t like that same one. This book is surely worth the read, especially if you enjoy, everything from Sci-fi to Fantasy, with some humor and romance as well.

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5 out of 5 stars:

“The stories included in this anthology are great, providing deep, realized characters with clear intentions and goals, and the authors included provide such a refreshing variety of styles and voicings that is sure to catch any reader’s attention.”

-Amazon verified purchase reviewer

…Thrilling Pace …

“Written at a thrilling pace, Nok Mondu keeps you turning pages in suspense to solve the mystery staged underwater and in the mind.”

-Amazon UK Reviewer

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