Dip a Toe in the Waters of Feladia

Meet Aowynn

This micro fiction story introduces Aowynn as a girl, shortly after meeting Teodore.

Dive Deep into the Adventure

Join Nissa on her quest to end a global obsession with virtual worlds

Nissa Jahaan lives in a world where Mondu-archeologists barter Mondu-artifacts for masks to live for a day in Nok-Mondu’s realm as someone or something else.

Each mask Nissa wears beneath the ocean’s crust brings her one step closer to freeing her parents from life as Mondu-archeologists and risking imprisonment as a phantom in a virtual world forever.

Will Nissa remain as the distracted Kristine Azborn? Will she forever solve murders as the winged Alessa Rainer, or as the legally blind Desoto Tengu? Perhaps she will ride the memories of war as Rahvin the dragon or seek a place of refuge as Clarion the ooze. A dying shaman, seeking her sickness’ cure, faces science’s twisted horrors, and Erin fights shadows in space. Without a name and lingering in a maze, or transformed into Alejandra the mermaid, Nissa might not want to escape Nok-Mondu’s realm if she falls in love.

Meet Sage Wolfsong …

Whether I’m dabbling in a contemporary world, a fantasy realm, or a paranormal universe, I strive to bring passion and love to each story I craft.

Jenn Bradshaw, Owner of Sage Wolfsong

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