Sage Wolfsong

Welcome to Sage Wolfsong

I’m a romance author who writes meaningful love stories that merge my love of magic and energy healing with my fascination with words. I am co-owner of a small, online used-bookstore and the lead contact for our three-person review team. If I’m not writing or reading, you’ll probably find me wandering our beach, on a hunt for pretty pieces of moonstone, carnelian, or sea glass.

Currently, I’m lost in the beautiful world of the Feladian continent, where Aowynn and Teo are struggling to find their way through the various hoops they must jump through to land Teo on the throne at Aowynn’s side.

The site may look a bit empty for a bit, as I finish cleaning up the manuscript for the first book in preparation for sending it out for beta reading. Stay tuned for new developments, stories about the characters and the world they live in, and more.